Phil Libhart earns two AMA Pro Hillclimb wins on White Rose Motorcycle Club's hill in Jefferson, Pa.

JEFFERSON, Pa. (June 10, 2015) - Phil Libhart took double wins in Round 2 of the AMA Pro Hillclimb series on White Rose Motorcycle Club's hill in Jefferson, Pa., while rookie Pro Sport rider Johnny Curry chalked up his second win in a row to kick off the season.

Libhart rode first and fast, posting a 7.680-second E.T. in the Xtreme Class but was quickly eclipsed when John Koester crested in 7.464 seconds. Jockamo Baldina then posted a 7.713-second ride for third place, momentarily. Late in the order Jay Sallstrom and Robby DeBusk both laid down rides in the 7.5-second range, with DeBusk ahead by a razor-thin margin of just three thousandths of a second. At intermission, Koester led, followed by DeBusk and Sallstrom.

Libhart knew he needed to speed up to advance in the order. When he rode in the second half, he shot up the hill, stopping the clock at 7.022 seconds. Vinny Nuzzolilli shaved more than half a second from his first ride to wedge himself into second place at 7.348 seconds. Leading after the first ride, Koester chose to ride last in the second half. He rode fast but finished half a second off the Libhart's winning mark. The Round 2 Xtreme Class podium was identical to Round 1 with Libhart on top followed by Nuzzolilli and Koester second and third in the order.

Rookie Pro Sport rider, Joseph Lowe kicked off his class with a 10.491 E.T., and the race was on. Riding third in the order, Johnny Curry set the bar higher, recording the only sub-10-second ride in the first half with a 9.638-second time. Adam Holmes and Denton Boyer rode in sequence, posting 10.241- and 10.279-second E.T.s, respectively, for second and third places at the half.

After intermission, Lowe chopped nearly a second off his first ride to take the lead. Another rookie, Eddie Capelli, posted a 9.319-second ride to snatch the lead. Curry opted to ride last and scorched the hill to score the win with the only sub-nine-second Pro Sport ride. Capelli and Lowe were each pushed down a step on the podium. Curry said his back-to-back wins are like a dream, one he's had for many years.

In the Unlimited Class Koester, Nuzzolilli and Sallstrom rode in succession early in the order with each rider besting the previous one. Sallstrom was the first rider on the day to drop into the sixes with a 6.978-second E.T. Sallstrom, Nuzzolilli, and Koester stood first, second and third, respectively, at halftime.

In the second half, Nuzzolilli moved ahead of Sallstrom by 0.035 of a second for the lead. Nuzzolilli's time forced a ride by Sallstrom, who was waiting to ride last. Libhart was on the 15 minute clock sorting out bike issues, which actually made Sallstrom ride early. He posted an E.T. of seven seconds, flat, not enough for the win. Libhart, riding a spare bike, then topped the hill with the fastest time of the day at 6.912 seconds, securing the win and nudging Nuzzolilli to second and Sallstrom to third. Libhart credited his double wins to his team and to everything working right. He hopes to keep it that way for the remainder of the season.

Libhart's win in Xtreme and Curry's in Pro Sport give them perfect scores in series points through two rounds. Koester leads the Unlimited point standings by just one over Libhart following the first two events of 2015.

AMA Pro Hillclimbers will race next at the Bushkill Valley Motorcycle Club's hill in Freemansburg, Pa., on June 14.

The AMA Pro Hillclimb Series receives sponsorship from VP Racing Fuels, Wiseco, TiLube, Evans Coolant, ALCO Cleaners, PSYCHMX Graphix and Kawasaki.


1. Phil Libhart (Triumph)
2. Vinny Nuzzolilli (Honda)
3. Jay Sallstrom (Yamaha)
4. John Koester (Honda)
5. Robby DeBusk (Yamaha)

1. Phil Libhart (Triumph)
2. Vinny Nuzzolilli (Honda)
3. John Koester (Honda)
4. Robby DeBusk (Yamaha)
5. Jay Sallstrom (Yamaha)

Pro Sport:
1. Johnny Curry (Yamaha)
2. Eddie Capelli (Honda)
3. Joseph Lowe (Kawasaki)
4. Adam Holmes (Honda)
5. Denton Boyer (Honda)

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