AMA Pro Hillclimb rider Molly Carbon finding success in early stages of her professional career

BELLINGHAM, Mass. (Feb. 26, 2015) - AMA Pro Hillclimb standout Molly Carbon has certainly made a name for herself in the motorcycle racing world. Carbon, an aspiring radiology technician and healthcare provider who recently graduated from Lebanon College in New Hampshire, has one sister, Amy, whom she trained vigorously with, aboard their dirt bikes, starting at a very young age.

The hard work has paid off tremendously for Molly, as she is set to enter her fourth season at the professional level on May 30, 2015, when AMA Pro Hillclimb heads to Middle Tennessee Dragway in Cookesville, Tenn., for the Buffalo Valley Hillclimb.

Since turning pro, Carbon has competed in the Pro Sport class, but after turning in a stellar 2014 campaign, the 24-year-old is considering graduating to the more competitive Xtreme Hillclimb class, where her skills would undoubtedly be put to an even greater test.

“I am still undecided on what class I will be racing in for the 2015 season,” said Carbon. “Even though I would love to stay in the Pro Sport class one more year and try to meet my goals of coming in first or even winning the championship, I feel it’s time for me to take the next step up.”

Regardless of the class she ends up racing in, Carbon has already made significant strides for not only herself, but the female gender within the motorcycle racing community as a whole. A woman racer named Cathy Templeton served as Carbon’s inspiration as a little girl.

“Ever since I was little, I always wanted to be like Cathy Templeton, the first woman to turn professional in hillclimbing,” said Carbon. “As my love for the sport grew, I knew that I would have potential to turn professional and when I got the offer to do so, I could not turn it down.”

In her three years racing in AMA Pro Hillclimb’s Pro Sport class, Carbon has accumulated an impressive 13 top-five finishes and has finished third in the points each year. Carbon’s most memorable moment came just last season, when she earned a third place finish in front of a massive audience at the White Rose Motorcycle Club in Spring Grove, Pa.

“I came in third place that day out of 14 riders, myself being the only female,” said Carbon. “Knowing the competition, I never thought I’d pull off a podium the first race (of the season). I completely shocked myself. When Jamie Deer interviewed me on the podium, he said, ‘let’s hear it for Molly Carbon,’ and the whole crowd, from little kids to adults, cheered me on. I had to hold back the tears of joy and success. Dave Watson, seven-time national champion and someone I look up to, looked at me and said, ‘all these people are here for you.’ I never realized how many people looked up to me and rooted for me. It made me realize that all my hard work was paying off. That day up on the podium still gives me the chills when I think about it and I hope I have many more memorable moments like that.”

Carbon will begin her fourth season racing in AMA Pro Hillclimb this year, but more notably, she will begin her fourth season as an inspiration to other female competitors, in all sports and all walks of life, who one day hope to find similar success to that of Carbon’s in her young racing career.